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Inspired by how his diligent parents managed to turn their lives around we follow Kamogelo Mtimunye's journey - KasipreneurMag

Inspired by how his diligent parents managed to turn their lives around we follow Kamogelo Mtimunye’s journey

Urban Roar Media


We profile creative entrepreneur, Kamogelo Mtimunye. The Nkangala-born lad was inspired by how his diligent parents managed to turn their lives around. That is one of the reasons he decided to venture into entrepreneurship.
“My Dad has always worked in a mine and not even on a single day has he ever wanted to stay at home and not go to work. My mother has managed to sell old clothes, Tupperware & Avory Shlain products just to provide for our family. So when I look back at all that, I can confidently say that they are my source of power,” says Kamogelo.

Currently based in Pretoria, he formally registered his first business called, ‘Masihlalisane Property Development’ in 2014 with Ayanda Khumalo. Urban Roar Media (URM) which is still operational was then registered the following year. “We are in marketing, events management, talent management, radio and TV content creation, brand identity design – an overall creative agency,” he says.

“URM which was conceptualized by a kid from elokshini. I was trying to show people was that the reason why places like Sandton are world-class is because it was built by someone from elokshini, like you and me. Funny enough majority of the people who work in Sandton stay in the surrounding local areas.”
Kamogelo opened up to us a bit more about his life, business and creative process – among many other interesting things…


Entrepreneurial Journey

MM: What does being creative mean to you?
KM: To me, being creative means freedom of expression.

MM: What is the motivation and core purpose for your business?
KM: I wanted to be at the forefront of people telling success stories of heroes from our local areas. Our core business is to provide the ordinary child with a platform for them to utilise in order to nurture their dreams in the entertainment industry.

MM: What are your biggest successes as an organisation?
KM: Our success has to be our ability to start this organisation. A lot of people have dreams but they are scared to start, which is the most difficult thing in business; being able to start.

MM: What does the strength and power of knowledge sharing mean to you personally?
KM: The reason why I think there is conflict in the world is because of the gate-keeping of information. A lot of conflicts today can be resolved by just having access to information and being able to receive information. We are always told that we cannot do certain things but nobody provides us with information as to why we cannot do that particular thing. Sharing of information is important because from what I already know, you are adding to that so it is always good to share information.

MM: What collaborations have you recently worked on in business that have set you and your organisation on a new trajectory?
KM: Events and clothing. In 2017 we joined Beebo, Thabo Entertainment and Supreme Fam to organise events around our community. We have also worked with Kutz Threadz for their collection which we do marketing for. The knowledge we gained from working with the guys has been exceptional. Funny enough before we started working with these brands, I was personally a fan of their work.

MM: How will technological advances impact your service offering?
KM: Technology just brings the convenience that every client craves for when they enquire about a product. It will help us find more convenient ways to help our clients.

MM: Do you feel South African entrepreneurs or rather, kasipreneurs are mature and progressive enough to offer their services to the rest of Africa?
KM: Yes, for example look at the KasipreneurMag they have created a platform that can compete with the rest of the platforms that the world has to offer to a kid who comes from the townships. This will also help people like myself to realise what it takes to compete with the likes of Nike, Adidas, Facebook, Apple, Samsung and so on.

MM: Why did you choose to do business in the media sector?
KM: I have always been intrigued and fascinated by media. From the movies we were watching, to the books we read, to the music we listened to. Also how products were always displayed for consumers.

MM: What has been your greatest challenge to date?
KM: Keeping the business afloat and creating a cash-flow that sustains the business. Also build processes which will allow the business to function without me being hands on. Furthermore the late payment issue when working with government, corporate and big business, this kills a lot of small businesses in South Africa.

MM: What would you consider as your most notable accomplishment as a company since inception?
KM: Not giving up no matter how dark or hopeless things seem.

MM: What changes in trends have you noticed in the media sector?
KM: For social media marketing, a lot of companies now opt for hiring influencers to promote their business instead of just appointing a creative agency to do marketing for them.

MM: What prompted you to start your business?
KM: The urge to create.

MM: Any exciting project(s) that you are currently working on?
KM: We are currently working on designs for “Kutz Threadz” for their Spring, Autumn and Summer Collection. We are also marketing the layout for those products and we are working on preparations for the, “3rd Annual Denim and White Party,” the, “3rd Annual Shorts and Shades Picnic” events which will take place later this year. We are just waiting on a few logistics and to confirm dates and venues for these events.

MM: How does your team stay creative?
KM: By always staying hungry and remaining humble.

MM: Where do you find your inspiration?
KM: My parents, people’s success stories, music and documentaries.

MM: What challenges and opportunities do you foresee in the future?
KM: To grow as a business in a fast-paced world, to continue to be able to deliver world-class services to that kid elokshini.


Getting To Know Kamogelo

1. What does unwinding time mean for you?
Reading up on the latest news in our industry, other industries and listening to music.

2. Favourite book?
The Lean Start-Up by Eric Fries and Zero to One by Peter Thiel.

3. Favourite quote?
“Everybody bosses till the time to pay for the office and them invoices separate the men from the boys. Over here we measure success by how many people are successful next to you, here we say you’re broke if everybody gets broke except for you Boss.” – Shawn Corey Carter AKA Jay-Z

4. Other business interest(s)?
Information Technology, property, clothing and textiles.

5. Biggest risk taken?
Taking out a loan of R50 000 in 2016 for a project which we are still running around and fighting for.

6. Biggest inspiration?
My parents.

7. What tips do you have for the budding kasipreneur?
It is not easy to start. It is not easy to keep afloat at first, but never ever give up.

In conclusion, Kamogelo had this to say to KasipreneurMag and its readers, “thank you to you guys for giving us such a platform for our business and for us to be able to share information about our journeys, its really a great platform, please keep up the good work”.

The pleasure is all ours, really. The future certainly looks bright for URM and we will be watching with keen interest as they continue to grow. I wish them nothing but the best of luck as they climb up the business ladder.

It has been such a pleasure to curate these inspirational and necessary stories. Thank you so much to the founder, Lunga Ncube for trusting me to execute his vision. Based on these three amazing stories that I have read, I will leave you with the following quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water,”